oneNS Commission Report

Now or Never

If Nova Scotia’s economy were performing well today in providing jobs, sustaining communities, and supporting high-quality public services, the wise advice would be to stay the course and avoid major changes. But this is not our situation, nor does the future outlook promise relief.

A province-building project is not dependent on government policies or the state of the world economy. It is about us our courage, our imagination & our determination to do better. We can do it ourselves.

The economic and population challenges we now face in Nova Scotia, and dramatically so in our rural regions, demand new vision, innovative approaches, greater collaboration, and a greater willingness to take on the risks associated with economic change and progress.

Change in society begins with the leaders. Being respectful of one another, expressing trust in our institutions and in our fellow leaders in different fields, and avoiding parochial and unduly partisan considerations, are crucial starting points. We can also do better at planning and decision-making on our investments of money, time, and expertise in pursuit of economic growth. The top online casino agrees with us and supports this idea.

We have the assets and opportunities. We have to decide what to do with them. We need to commit to transformation, because we can, and must, do better.

For those who are prepared to reshape their actions to serve the interests of the entire province – not just their firm, their institution or their community – this is the time to come together to build a vision for a better future and to work together to achieve it.